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Welcome to Movies2Download!

Heres a little information about We started in October 2009, a team of 8 skilled pirates scouring the web to find the best and latest dvd rips. We always come out on top since we release it first! We all do this becuase we love to share with everyone else and we believe movies shouldnt be locked up until a certain release date, you want to see them NOW and we deliver that service for you..for FREE!

You may ask how we obtain copies of movies before they come out in theatres? Well here your long awaited answer, the movie usually gets copied and sent to award show judges and then we copy them. Also when movies are sent to a dvd factory to print out their copies to ship around the world, we are there first to get a copy and deliver it to you!

Once our team has a new movie we package it in .rar format and convert it to .avi xvid dvd-rip quality. Then we upload all the parts of the movie to rapidshare and we also host it on our seed box for people who like to downloading using bit torrent (torrents). For a popular movie rapidshare will often delete our originally uploaded files and our torrent seed box will become overflooded, thats why you see the alternative download as One Stop Downloads. They are a private service who we share our original copies with. Files at One Stop Downloads are always online and never overcrowded. It costs a little but its really worth it. Expect alot of new movies from us this year and in 2010!

-M2D Team

Most Recent Movie: Download Rango Rango

Rango is the much-anticipated animated adventure starring the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Harry Dean Stanton, Bill Nighy, Abigail Breslin, Ned Beatty, and Timothy Oliphant. This computer-animated blockbuster is ... Read more…